Great Day for Brandon -- 5 Hits
Saturday, May 27th , 2056
It's not something you read about in the sports pages every day -- a 5-for-6 day. For many, it might come around only once in a career -- and for Alex Brandon, it came around today.

The 23-year-old third baseman scattered hits all over Field of Peaches to pace the Atlanta Peaches to a 14-6 victory over the Annapolis Destroyers.

Annapolis skipper told reporters in the press room that "Brandon deserves a hat-tip."

"He hit some good pitches against us," he said. "In fact, according to our scouting reports, Brandon hit several that he is not supposed to be able to hit."

Alex Brandon hit an RBI single in the 1st, doubled in the 2nd, singled in the 4th, singled in the 6th, singled in the 7th and struck out in the 8th.

Brandon is presently hitting at a .269 pace with 4 home runs and 16 RBIs. He has played in 44 games and scored 23 times.

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